bungee launching plateform I 3D files

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This is my DIY rcwing bungee launching plateform.
I made it to launch my rc fpv wings because it's way more fun !


This design presents many advantages:

  • it's fairly easy to build
  • it can be assembled and disassembled quickly in the field without tools
  • it's light and super compact once disassembled
  • you can modify it to fit your aircraft dimensions


1) print the different parts (minimum 20% infill):

  • 8x M6 screw holders
  • 4x M6 bolt holders
  • 4x 20mm tube caps

2) glue together with hot glue gun 

  • glue 4x m6 40mm screws in 4x screw holders
  • glue 4x m6 20mm screws in 4x screw holders
  • glue 4x m6 bolts in 4x bolt holders
  • glue 4x m6 20mm screws in 4x screw holders

3) cut the 20mm ext diameter tubes in the right dimensions for your plane (17mm diam inside)

eg : for my z84 wing (hobbyking): 

  • 2x bottom tubes 280mm long
  • 2x small vertical tubes 180mm
  • 2x medium vertical tubes 220mm
  • 2x long tubes 800mm

4) drill tubes according to the pictures

5) glue the screws and the bolt holders according to the pictures (carefull > mind the holes alignement !)

Enjoy !

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